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The Black community in America has been under constant scrutiny and baseless accusation for centuries. However, despite centuries of disenfranchisement against the black community,  we finally notice a shift in the public and corporate world. The change helps to reduce racial disparities and promotes the inclusion of black people in high-tech businesses and jobs.

Certain companies have started creating tech jobs tailored explicitly for black people. They are opening the doors to an inclusive world where black people won’t be gatekept from doing specific types and have the opportunity to explore.

Black tech jobs are in high demand for Black tech talent, with numerous candidates applying at any time. Before exploring and beginning your job search, utilize web resources to maximize your chances of landing a job. Remember, don’t hold back, and good luck! Now let’s get into the details of these Black tech job opportunities.

The Story of Why Providing Black Tech Talent Various Job Opportunities is Crucial

With the evident increase in racial diversity worldwide  (especially in the US), more and more companies and employers have started pushing for racial equality. They are beginning to recognize black people’s talent in the tech industry and are providing opportunities never seen before.

The disappointing truth is that some employers and companies still have conscious and unconscious biases, and Black candidates are turned down simply because they are black.

These tech jobs and resources are meant to change and improve the situation of the black community by a significant amount. You can finally apply for that programming job without worrying whether or not you’ll be rejected simply because you are black.

The Five Best Web Resources for Finding Black Tech Jobs


First up, we have Blacktechjobs. This organization has more than 100 years of experience in the sourcing and tech recruiting sectors and has created one of the US’s largest black tech talent communities.

On top of that, they offer consulting services that help tech companies create a workplace culture where each and every person is considered a human first and an employee second. After all, there is no room for racism or resentment within the professional tech community.

If you want to join and start searching for black tech jobs (there are hundreds and thousands of open positions), you must visit their website and create an account. Make sure to include the relevant data during account creation.


Blacksintechnology was started in 2008 and established itself in 2012 as the largest community of black tech talent in the industry. The company focuses on promoting community-oriented activities, media, and events.

BIT’s (Blacks In Technology) primary goal is to increase black people’s essential participation and representation in the tech industry. You can also learn a lot on the site, such as insightful and heartfelt stories of Black people who have achieved great success in their tech jobs.

The search for black tech jobs or internships on BIT’s website is straightforward. All you have to do is upload your resume, and voila – you can now apply for a tech job. Numerous jobs are available on the site, so you can expect to find what you’re looking for based on your skills.


Blackistechjobs is an exceptional company whose recruitment process of black tech talent is quick and simple. The company has partnered with many other companies, all of which specialize in their own category of business.

This company focuses on connecting LatinX and black tech talent with various tech employers. So, whether you’re an engineer, marketing/sales professional, creative person, product lead, and any other tech specialist – Blackistechjobs is the perfect place to find a great job.

Their network of LatinX and black tech talent is constantly growing, and it’s a great sign of the future employment climate for black people. If you have any questions, their tech support team will help you by providing the necessary resources for finding the right job.


Until recently, black people were far and few between in most tech companies. Blacktechpipeline was created by one such person who wanted to bring the experiences of a singular black person in the office to light.

Pariss Chandler (Athena) is the CEO and founder of the organization. She started her company to bring black tech jobs closer to members of the black community and showcase the different problems plaguing their employment.

Pariss wasn’t a software engineer for all her professional life. She went through various jobs over the years, settling in the tech world. However, the company she worked at let her go after just a year; thus, she created Blacktechpipeline to help black people avoid her lack of support at her job.

The Blacktechpipeline features jobs from some of the largest tech companies in the world, such as Audible, GitHub, Instagram, and Shopify, to name a few. Again, the resume is essential here, so make it shine!

5. LinkedIn

Out of all the sites we mentioned in this list, LinkedIn is arguably the most difficult one to find tech jobs. However, it also means there are countless job opportunities for anyone willing to work.

The jobs are plentiful, and you’ll usually find corporate support for people of color that enables better representation in the tech industry.

LinkedIn also features a profile-bound resume system that you can update anytime. It’s essentially a section of your profile that functions as a neatly organized resume with all the necessary data. This enables you to manage your profile and relevant analytics easily.

In essence, LinkedIn is the largest community of entrepreneurs, organizations, companies, and workers alike. You can search for jobs that fit your skills, set up job alerts, and apply for said jobs with the click of a button, simple as that!

6. Black Women Talk Tech

Our mission at Black Women Talk Tech is to help women join the largest community of like-minded and experienced black people to make their dreams come true.

The jobs found on our website are predominantly oriented toward black women looking to join the movement and find employment in the company they deem to be a great fit.

You can also join us as a member or learn more about the tech industry’s various events and job openings by checking the following resources. Good luck in your search, and welcome to the largest community of black women entrepreneurs and job seekers out there!

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