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Implementation Specialist Salary

Are you thinking about becoming an Implementation Specialist? In today’s world, pursuing a career related to technology is wise, as the booming industry isn’t going away anytime soon! So, what is an implementation specialist, and is it a well-paying gig?

As of August 29, 2022, the average Implementation Specialist salary in the U. S. is $72,214, with a typical range between $63,954 and $82,720. Numerous criteria, such as schooling, credentials, additional talents, and the number of years spent in a job, can cause salary ranges to differ significantly.

Other numbers report that the total pay for an Implementation Specialist in the U. S. is $85,273 per year, with a mean salary of $56,103 annually. These figures indicate the median and the middle of the calculated ranges. The estimated additional compensation is $29,171 annually, which may consist of bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing, aka – there’s room to grow, and the possible salaries reflect that. 

Sound appealing? Well, this article is here to tell you all about what it means to be an implementation specialist. 

What Does an Implementation Specialist Do?

An implementation specialist is responsible for assisting clients in better comprehending and utilizing company software. Implementation experts are employees of an organization, typically in the IT department.

Implementation specialists verify that software products bought by clients satisfy their technical requirements. They are responsible for tailoring software to customers’ requirements and specifications, instructing clients how to operate it, and implementing approved customized software systems.

As an implementation specialist, it is your responsibility to aid with the installation and personalization of software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Your tasks include gathering information on the company’s objectives and conducting training sessions for staff. You may operate individually or with a team of implementation professionals based on the size of your client firm and the breadth of the system implementation. As an expert in implementation, you will typically report to a manager of implementation or engagement.

Job Description of an Implementation Specialist

Standard duties that implementation specialists may be asked to perform:

  • Coordination between personnel and customers.
  • Gain an expert understanding of the company’s offerings.
  • Serve as an advisor to clients.
  • Assist customers in selecting the appropriate services, goods, or software.
  • Preserve workplace efficiency by delegating duties to staff members.
  • Create and assist customers in establishing a detailed delivery schedule.
  • Set and monitor attainable budgetary objectives that complement the time devoted to client sessions.
  • Travel to client sites to give onsite coaching.

What Industries Employ Implementation Specialists?

Implementation specialists often work in information technology for organizations that develop software packages and sell them to individuals or corporations. Their experience in providing customer service might lead to employment chances in the field of customer service. Their familiarity with computer systems could also enable them to obtain work in medical billing within the health sector.

A Few Notable Companies That Employ Implementation Specialists:

  • ADP
  • Oracle
  • Reynolds and Reynolds
  • J.P Morgan and Chase
  • Thomson Reuters,
  • Bloomberg L.P

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How to Become an Implementation Specialist

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology and five years of professional experience in a suitable position, such as IT expert or software developer, are required to become an implementation specialist. Experience in project management is also helpful for the position of implementation specialist. You must have good communication and interpersonal skills to deal with big and small groups of clients and learn how to utilize the new information technologies your organization sells. You must also thoroughly comprehend the system’s specs and capabilities and be able to think on your feet.

What are Career Paths Similar to an Implementation Specialist?

Implementation specialists may assume new jobs in various fields through career moves or promotion potential. Implementation analysts and consultants might be regarded as similar regarding their responsibilities and compensation.

Related Jobs That May Provide Higher Responsibility and Compensation:

  • IT managers
  • Managerial analysts
  • Project managers
  • Account executives

Breaking it Down: Implementation Strategies and Solutions

There’s a lot that goes into the role of an implementation specialist. Implementation entails carrying out the improvement opportunities created during the project. 

The following are critical parts of every implementation:

  • Designing the tasks
  • Planning the assignments and subtasks
  • Preparing the schedule
  • Organizing the resources and people

For these planning components, an understanding phase must include knowing the “why” and determining whether or not the project succeeded.

A comprehensive implementation plan typically includes at least five components: the work plan, budget and resources, stakeholders, risk evaluation, and quality control.

Make a Work Plan

The primary goal of any work plan is to develop and convey what will happen and when. The work plan defines and documents the modifications that must be implemented in the current processes, procedures, resources, and equipment. So everyone will understand how to achieve the planned improvements. 

The plan also specifies who will implement the adjustments and when they will be done. It is also critical to decide how the adjustments will be assessed and evaluated.

Set Your Resources and Budget

Clients may want resource and budget data included within the implementation plan if the solution’s execution involves significant time, personnel additions, or other resources. Some software systems can create resource utilization charts automatically.

Working with managers to decide which budget components should be included (salaries, additional expenditures, etc.) is a good idea. Practitioners should also investigate when and how supervisors want budget information and how they want to employ specific accounting codes.

Quality Control is Key

Quality control is how individuals evaluate the quality of all elements involved in production. This method emphasizes many aspects:

Hard Elements: 

  • Controls
  • Task management
  • Specified and well-managed processes
  • Performance and integrity requirements
  • Record identification

Soft Elements:

  • Competence (knowledge, skills, experience, and credentials)
  • Personnel integrity
  • Corporate culture
  • Motivation
  • Team spirit

In this case, quality control is related to project management, which involves the project manager and project team reviewing completed work to ensure that it is aligned with the project’s scope and that adjustments are sustained.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How Do You Become an Implementation Specialist?


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Several years of software implementation experience.
  • Great programming and coding abilities.
  • Knowledge of standard business software.
  • Excellent communication and organizing skills.

Is Implementation a Skill?

Implementation skills are required in various company roles, particularly in the age of technology. If you want to put your skills to good use and optimize operations for your prospective boss, you must first adequately highlight them in your Resume.

What is the Career Path for an Implementation Consultant?

What opportunities exist for implementation consultants to grow in their careers? Working for a consulting business allows you to begin as an analyst or associate and climb the ladder to the consultant position. After 2-5 years of consulting experience, you can advance to the role of project leader or engagement manager.

What is an Example of Implementation?

In a corporate environment, a strategic implementation might entail creating and then implementing a new marketing strategy to improve product sales of the company’s products. 

An example of implementation in a sports environment: The players line up on the field according to the play, with the best offensive lineman in front and the strongest running back in the backfield.

Is an Implementation Consultant a Project Manager?

They are expert project managers who switch positions as needed by the job description. They also serve as senior managers, overseeing everyday company operations such as strategy, recruiting, sales, and budgeting.

In Conclusion

If you love working with clients, teams, and software and aspire to have a career with advancement options and an excellent salary, then a job as an Implementation Specialist is the path for you! 

Are you thinking about becoming an Implementation Specialist? Here at Black Women Talk Tech, we are passionate about supporting you in your journey to becoming qualified, prepared, and motivated to succeed in the tech world. If you want to learn more about our numerous offerings, click here. 

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