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Women in Business Events

Attending an event for women in business is a unique opportunity for female entrepreneurs to learn from other women business owners.

There are a host of options when it comes to such events. Start by exploring what’s available in various locations. Then, decide which conferences are best for your personal and professional development.

Choosing the Right Events

When considering upcoming events, first, prioritize your needs. Identify your most pressing business challenges.

Consider the resources you most need and ensure they’re being offered. Look for industry experts or advice to take your business to the next level.

Need Encouragement?

If you’re looking for a business conference to inspire you, Women Empower X (WEX) conferences bring together women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds with a real focus on community.

Keynote speakers, like founder Alexa Carlin, encourage attendees to connect, collaborate, and create.

Need to Network?

Access to networking opportunities is vital for successful conferences hosted for and by women. Whether seeking a community, national, or international event, women in business conferences focused on networking abound!

The International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) connects 47 member countries in their mission to “empower female entrepreneurs across the globe by granting them unique networking, educational and mentoring opportunities.”

IWEC starts at the Chamber of Commerce level and goes up to annual international events.

Need Experienced Advice?

Choose a successful, established event like the National Women’s Business Conference. Here, “Every entrepreneurial journey starts with a dream.” Discover how women can thrive sustainably in entrepreneurship.

This annual conference offers resources, networking opportunities, shared stories of successful women in business, and innovative business ideas.

Need Innovative Business Ideas?

The annual Create and Cultivate event is for women in business and female entrepreneurs who want to amp up the creativity in their business.

With a focus on women with innovative business ideas, Create and Cultivate looks to support women-owned businesses by blending many business tools with fresh perspectives.

Need a Testimonial?

Keynote speakers at events start things with a bang and keep energy levels up! Look for conferences that feature tried and true experts.

Many events include speakers like New York Times bestselling author Devin Ford, who speaks about supporting entrepreneurship, brand building, and other life lessons she’s written about.

Need Next Generation Info?

You’ve been paying the dues for your success for a long time. If you’re interested in paying it forward for rising women entrepreneurs, attend a conference supporting young women leaders in business.

Women supporting girls and young women in entrepreneurship is one of the most pressing business challenges today. Events like these help women in business dream big for the future and future leaders.

Get Ready

Once you’ve decided on the business conference-best suited to get your questions addressed, it’s time to dig into the conference offerings. First stop: the conference webpage. Learn as much as possible before you get the most out of your money and time.

Social media postings can help you learn about available memberships and members. Are there benefits to members that can help you thrive in your business or entrepreneurship?

You can find the names of executives on the board and see how their philosophies align with yours. Search for exclusive-to-members events at the conference.

Businesswomen helping to connect and support other women allows everyone to thrive in the business world, but inform yourself and choose wisely!

Get Organized

You want to find networking opportunities. An event schedule can help you plan strategically before ever leaving home. You can typically find the conference schedule on the conference’s web page or site.

How long are different events within the conference, and how can you schedule them to full advantage? Are there any social opportunities like a “meet and greet available”? Are there onsite opportunities to grab a coffee or snack with a new connection?

Choose Wisely

Look for business women and women entrepreneurs break-out sessions that align with your focus or way of work. Search for keynote speakers and do your research on them.

You don’t want to be late and miss fabulous leaders or presenters. What do they offer you? Are your break-outs geographically close to one another?

Success stories are also shared on the conference page site. In business, we can get wrapped up in the data and numbers.

Stories that matter help women connect in a way that builds community and capacity. Attending an influential conference can open up new business women and entrepreneurs’ opportunities.

Get Results

The goal of attendance at any conference is to connect learning acquired to growing your business. Optimally, conference attendance will have positive workplace results. All employees should be encouraged to share impactful stories of matters garnered from your chosen conference, from executives to entry-level employees.

Show Me the Money!

While women in business typically work to make a difference, they also work to make a living. Reflect on how your chosen conference helped you get a raise or promotion.

Share those results with others if there is an opportunity for an open forum hosted by decision-makers. Success equates to many things, and increasing revenue is at the top of the list.

Intake vs. Application

One of the most important takeaways for women entrepreneurs from any business conference is the ability to apply the learning gained—success results when those who attend can turn learning into growth and increased success.

Each conference is a unique opportunity to find industry experts from diverse backgrounds to help you access new concepts and create new network connections.

Go Forth and Thrive!

The business world is challenging. For a woman in the business world, it is often extra tough. Finding and attending a suitable event can help you succeed and thrive in the demanding business world.

Sometimes one person – presenter or attendee – can give you the tools to get you to the next level. So, find the right conference for you and use available support to dream big and flourish!

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